The Spirituality

Guide to Marist Laity

treeA. Mary’s Initiative, Her Wish And Her Name

  1. ‘Here is what I want…’
  2. ‘By a Gracious Choice’
  3. ‘I supported the Church at her birth; I shall do so again at the end of time’
  4. ‘A tree with several branches’

B. Mary – The Person

  1. ‘Think as Mary, judge as Mary, feel and act as Mary in all things’
  2. ‘Hidden and Unknown in the world’
  3. ‘Instruments of Divine Mercy’
  4. The Perfect Disciple – women, mother and disciple: Prayerful and Apostolic
  5. ‘Tasting God’ and Trusting in ‘God alone’

C. The Work of Mary The Mission

  1. ‘The Work of Mary’; a Missionary Spirit
  2. A Christian community with Mary’s features
  3. Mary in the new-born Church
  4. Nazareth

D. The Marist

  1. ‘Seek the interests of Christ and Mary’: Being useful instruments
  2. Say ‘No’ to Greed, Pride and Power: The spirit of the World