Being present on the ground

Today I was 14 hours away from home. I was working. Travelling to Newcastle. Travelling to Maitland. Travelling to Eastwood. Travelling to Mascot. By the end of it I caught a train and a bus back home. My son was trying to get to sleep at 9 pm. He was making noise upstairs in his bed. I gave him some warnings to go to sleep. Like you will loose points if you don’t go to sleep. My wife told me that our son had already said, “I don’t want any points”.

In that moment I realised there was something more important than falling asleep at 9 pm at night. More important than points a son could earn. I went up stairs. I lay down on the ground. My son smiled and laughed a little. I said to him “it is time to go to sleep”. We both lay near each other. Him in his bed. Me on the ground half strewn in the hall way. We both fell asleep. What was needed was presence. Presence which was not expected yet spoke to the living moment. The moment where love transcended expectation to just being present.