Poem – Rediscover the Sabbath

Save me owe Lord from my busyness.
The pinball machine of my brain is still lit up.
Ever spinning from one show to the next.

Sunset is coming.
I must make my way home.
Before the shades of this day fall.
Darkness is in my vision.
My eyes must be one with this night.

The first star I see.
An invitation to stopping.
I resist. I resist.
My mind does not like to lose its bliss.
No TV, computer or mobile phone.
My mind races to give me reasons to phone.
Now I am in the Sabbath zone.
Where the mist of the night has fallen.
Of Stillness.
I must let go,
so I can see the first night star.

I tune into a different road.
My melodies in my heart can now play,
Because they are not cramped out
by the busyness of my working day.

I see the sunset. I see the dawn.
My being is blessed by
being still with my Lord.