Pushing a car at Pentecost

car2Today as I was driving my usual 1 hour and 20 minute trip home from work I noticed from a distance a car with his blinkers on with 2 streams of bumper to bumper traffic on either side. As I approached I saw him stuck. Causing much stress for hundreds if not thousands of cars. Something inside side of me said “you must help this man. It takes one man. Don’t think. Just help”.

As I passed him, I had a moment, I could speed off and be home quickly. But something inside of me said trust. I turned the corner. Pulled my car to the side. Got out and ran across bumper to bumper traffic.  I said to the man “do you want me to push your car?” He replied, “that would be great!” I pushed. At first it seemed impossible. I pushed harder and harder. The car moved slowly. I could not believe it was moving. I was moving a new Mecedes sedan. Soon he was around the corner and the traffic moved far more freely.

Pentecost has just occurred. Where the advocate comes to the disciples in their moment of need. As Marists we are called to share in Mary’s “Yes” in a moment of need. We often don’t realise there is a second part to this. We must bear Christ. We must give over our spirit to a higher spirit. We must give birth. Individually we must answer the question, “in a tangible way how am I to bear Christ”. Until we have done this and continue to bear Christ, we have not understood the yes. The yes is not just about a decision or commitment, it is about our actions which reflect a deeper purpose. Today, in what ways do we bear Jesus to other people? Not just by doing prayers. But by sending of our own spirit into the world. At that moment God is revealed through us.