Resting in God

Chaos is something that is a part of our life. The screams at child birth and the painful tears approaching death. These two book ends mark how life is. With suffering. With moments we cannot control. Even Jesus’ own death is brutal. Why do we think today our own life would be different? We respond by taking pain medication and sometimes running away from a situation.

Yet God does not say “I will take the pain away”. Rather Jesus says, “pick up your cross and walk”. Jesus has given for us a pattern for our own living. By entering into life with pain and suffering as part of it. This is not about glorifying pain. Rather accepting the reality of it in life. This takes great humility, wisdom and trust.

But Jesus does not leave us by ourselves. Jesus invites us to “rest in him” or “I will carry your burden”. Saint Augustine in the 5th century wrote “your heart is wrestles until it rests in God”. We must rest. Yet many people today have loss a sense of God. This phrase by Saint Augustine can many different things depending on the stage of spiritual life one is at. Like Jesus, it could mean going off to the wilderness or having a boat trip. Of stopping work. Sharing a good meal with friends. Spending some time reflecting or writing. Praying. Notice these things are not typically holy. Rather they are an encounter in life which restores our spirit. Do you listen to your spirit? How do you need to rest in God? Do you rest?