Setting the bar for our children

How often have I heard parents  say “My children don’t go to church. They have lost their faith. They find church boring.”

Recently I was at a opening year school mass when the priest gave the students a lecture on “why you should go to church on Sunday”. I actually agreed with him, but understood why children don’t go to church. They were both right. However, as he spoke, I thought to myself, “you are speaking to the the children’s heads, but the issue is with the children’s hearts”.

Maybe we set the bar too low for our children. Maybe we need to give our children something far more challenging or something completely out of their world? Have you ever thought about going to another country and living there for 1 month with your kids? Have you ever thought about giving work up for 1 month and working for the poor? Have you ever thought about walking 800 kms in the footsteps of St James on the El Camino across the North of Spain? Maybe when we share these and other out-of-their-world experiences with our children we can then ask the deeper question about the role of God. But-of-cause it does not simply start next-year when we go on the journey. It starts now. It starts at this moment. It starts the moment you decide to go on the journey together. This is the role of the family.