Salve Regina

On January 2nd 1817, two hundred years tomorrow, Marcellin Champagnat, who had only been ordained a priest the year before,  welcomed two young men into a house he had rented in the little mountain town of La Valla where he was a curate to the local parish priest.The names of these two men were Jean Baptiste Audras and Jean-Marie Granjon. They became the first Marist Brothers and later that same year, these two Brothers began to teach the young people of La Valla.

To celebrate this bi-centenary birthday, I have written a new setting of the Salve Regina, a very old hymn to Our Lady (c.12th c) now know as the Hail Holy Queen, a prayer with which the Brothers say each morning in community. The Salve here is sung by an international group of Brothers who first learnt the song, whever they were in different countries, from the  accompaniment I sent.

Brother Michael Herry fms