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On Sunday September 3, 2023, the Marist Justice Peace and Integral Ecology Committee (JPIC) hosted the former ABC Journalist and presenter Kerry O’Brien.

Kerry O’Brien responds to several concerns and questions for the “No campaign” case against the Aboriginal Voice.

The first argument, the Aboriginal voice presents a real risk to all areas of government. The Aboriginal Voice specifically covers all areas of executive government. This means no issue is beyond its reach.

The second argument, there is a lack of detail. No detail has been provided on how members of the Aboriginal Voice will be chosen and how it will operate.

Third argument, there is a risk that enshrining the Aboriginal Voice from only one group of people will permanently divide our country.

Fourth argument, There are several Aboriginal people who support the no case. Does that not justify the No Campaign?

Fifth argument, What about the fears regarding the Aboriginal Treaty and losing sovereignty?

Sixth Argument, are there not Aboriginal people already in the Parliament why do we need a Voice?

The conversation then moves on to the question of how can people be more involved in this? How has the Catholic church supported this? Where is the morality in this? What would Jesus say?

Kerry O’Brien suggests “you cannot disregard the strength of the kitchen table conversation” from the grassroots. Do we take the trouble to learn more about The Aboriginal Voice?

What about the media coverage regarding the Aboriginal Voice?

Where is the driving force inside the Catholic church?

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04 September 2023

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