The Wiradjuri Echoes story

Aboriginal culture is thousands and thousands of years old. It is Australia’s culture. It is this countries culture. Every part of this country which we call Australia has culture, has language, has laws. Often in the past we have perceived Australia’s culture to be a barbecue or a prawn. All sorts of things other than the real culture which has always been there. It is time for all Australians to be proud of that. That they are connected to this country. They also need to connect to the culture of this country and the people of this country. That way they can true stand up and say they are proud Australians because they know something.

Wiradjuri man Duncan Smith is an inspiration to many, but most especially his children. Meet the Wiradjuri Echoes and see them perform by the Murrumbidgee River. This film was produced for the Canberra Museum & Gallery.

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27 June 2021

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Aboriginal Spirituality

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Social Justice

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Duncan Smith

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