Spiritual Exercises 6

   - The Call

Script by Marist Father Edwin Keel sm

The Text:
Our hearts were enflamed when we considered our good fortune in being the first children of Mary, and when we considered the great needs of the people. '

Our text is a quotation from one of the first Marists. He is recalling the beginnings of the Society of Mary. To that first group of young men it was as if Mary were saying 'I was the support of the new-born Church; I will be the support of the Church at the end of time.' They felt she was saying it to them.

Ask God for the grace to feel more deeply his great love for you.

Think back over your own life. Are you aware of Mary’s presence in your life?

Conclude this day - and this first series of meditations - by talking over with Mary how you can better serve God's people within the context of your own life situation (as a lay person, a religious or a priest).

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12 February 2023

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