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The video explains the Indigenous Voice Referendum. Why do people want a voice in the first place? Take the white Australia policy or the Stolen Generation. These were government policies that may the lives of indigenous people much harder. Combine that with issues caused by colonization and a lot of indigenous people are worse off than the broader population in terms of health, wealth and education. Closing the gap has been the aim of a lot of different governments. But, nothing has made a huge difference so far. As of last year, the gap is mostly getting wider. Of all the areas being measured, just a few are on track, some are going backward. Indigenous people are still living much shorter lives. That is where the Voice comes in. Getting Indigenous people to have a say to what happens to them. Sometimes called self-determination. Is seen as one of the best ways to close the gap.

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Social Justice - How can the process of See, Judge, and Act encourage dialogue and open communication, creating spaces for diverse voices and perspectives to be heard and valued in discussions about social justice in relation to the content?
(By A. D. - Marist Laity - from AUSTRALIA - 2023-7-8)

Beatitude - I wonder how the practice of mercy can contribute to healing, reconciliation, and transformation within our communities and society as a whole?
(By A. D. - Marist Laity - from AUSTRALIA - 2023-7-8)

Affirmation - I strongly support the content on this web page.
(By P. M. - Marist Father - from AUSTRALIA - 2023-7-12)

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03 July 2023

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