Is Pope Francis dividing the Church ?

   - Father Casey Cole ofm

The video by Franciscan Father Casey Cole discusses the controversies surrounding Pope Francis, highlighting the division among those who view him as an exceptional pontiff and those who deem him a heretic. Father Casey contends that Pope Francis isn't confusing but rather, misunderstanding arises from poor catechesis among Catholics, a leadership style that emphasizes dialogue over dictation, and the complexity of moral issues that don't lend themselves to black and white answers. Father Casey argues that the confusion attributed to Pope Francis is exacerbated by the ill-will of his enemies who spread misinformation. To remedy the situation, Father Casey suggests better catechesis, an open-minded approach to Church leadership, a nuanced understanding of morality, and a discerning engagement with the sources of Church news and teachings. He invites those critical of Pope Francis to read his works with an open mind and trust in the Holy Spirit, rather than follow fringe leaders.

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20 December 2023

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