The Year We Left

The YouTube video 'The Year We Left' seems to be a heartfelt message about environmental care and the power of collective action. The speakers reflects on the type of world we will leave for future generations, expressing hope inspired by a community of millions who act to make the world better. The speakers emphasizes the importance of staying hopeful despite challenges and highlights the significance of small actions like signing petitions, sharing online, or donating.

They discuss the collective power of individuals when part of a large movement, using the fall of the Berlin Wall as a metaphor for the impact of united action. The speaker feels empowered by being a part of the Avaaz community, recognizing that each contribution, no matter how small, accumulates to create significant change. They stress that hope is an active choice, a verb that requires action.Despite obstacles and challenges, like climate change and wars, the speaker remains optimistic about the potential for positive change. They express gratitude for the sense of purpose and the progress made through collective efforts, emphasizing the importance of continuing to strive for a better world. The video concludes with a message of thanks to the viewers for their support and a call to action for the upcoming year, highlighting the ongoing journey towards environmental care and social change.

Questions for further discussion and reflection
  1. How do the concepts of hope and action intertwine in the context of environmental care and social change, as discussed in the video? Reflect on personal experiences or observations where hope motivated action, or action reinforced hope, especially in environmental or social causes.
  2. The speaker mentions the power of small actions in a collective movement. How can individuals balance the need for immediate, tangible results with the understanding that significant change often requires long-term, cumulative efforts? Discuss examples of small actions that you believe can contribute to larger environmental or social goals.
  3. Drawing inspiration from the metaphor of the fall of the Berlin Wall, what are some current environmental or social barriers that seem insurmountable but could be overcome through collective action? Discuss strategies and steps that individuals and communities can take to address these challenges.

Closing Prayer

Heavenly Creator,

As we conclude our year, we turn to You with hearts full of hope and hands ready to serve. We are reminded today of the precious world You have entrusted to us, a world that teems with beauty and life. Guide us to be stewards of this Earth, nurturing and protecting it for our children and their children.

In the spirit of unity that binds us all, let us find strength in our shared purpose. Grant us the wisdom to understand the power of our collective actions, no matter how small they may seem. Help us to see that every petition signed, every word of awareness spread, and every act of kindness contributes to a greater good.

As the Berlin Wall fell by the hands of many, let us too break down the barriers that hinder our progress in caring for Your creation. Infuse us with courage to face the challenges of climate change, to end conflicts that scar Your Earth, and to heal wounds inflicted upon nature.

We ask for Your blessing as we endeavor to make this world a reflection of Your love and compassion. May we be beacons of hope in a world that often seems shadowed by despair. As we walk forward into the days ahead, remind us that our journey towards a better world is not just a dream, but a calling we must actively pursue.

Thank You for the inspiration and the community that surrounds us. May our efforts be fruitful, and our resolve unshaken.

In Your gracious name, we pray,


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30 December 2023

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