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In his presentation 'What the Fossil Fuel Industry Doesn't Want You To Know,' Al Gore discusses the urgent climate crisis and the significant obstacles in addressing it, particularly focusing on the fossil fuel industry. He highlights how this industry has consistently opposed climate legislation at various levels, using fraud and falsehoods to mislead the public and maintain control. Gore criticizes the industry for its lack of sincere commitment to reducing emissions, pointing out the conflicts of interest in key climate policy-making forums. He calls for a stronger global response to overcome these obstacles and accelerate progress towards sustainable energy solutions.

Global Climate Crisis: Al Gore begins by emphasizing the critical and urgent nature of the global climate crisis. He highlights the dire consequences of climate change, including extreme weather events, rising global temperatures, and significant environmental degradation. Gore stresses the need for immediate and substantial action to address these challenges, underscoring the magnitude and severity of the situation facing the planet.

Opposition from the Fossil Fuel Industry: Gore delves into the active opposition from the fossil fuel industry to climate change legislation and mitigation efforts. He explains how this industry has historically used its considerable influence and resources to obstruct climate policies. This obstruction is achieved through lobbying, funding misinformation campaigns, and promoting climate denial, all aimed at preserving their business interests and delaying the transition to renewable energy sources.

Conflict of Interest in Policy-Making: The presentation also touches upon the issue of conflicts of interest within climate policy-making arenas. Gore points out that individuals and entities with direct ties to the fossil fuel industry often hold significant sway in these forums. This conflict of interest poses a substantial barrier to the formulation and implementation of effective climate policies, as it skews the decision-making process in favor of fossil fuel interests.

Global Response and Progress: Despite the challenges, Gore acknowledges the progress that has been made globally in addressing climate change. He cites examples of countries implementing robust climate legislation, advances in renewable energy technology, and increasing public awareness and activism. Gore's message is one of cautious optimism, recognizing the strides made while also acknowledging the considerable work that lies ahead.

Call to Action: In his concluding remarks, Al Gore issues a strong call to action. He urges for a concerted and unified global response to overcome the barriers erected by the fossil fuel industry. Gore advocates for accelerating the shift towards sustainable energy solutions and implementing comprehensive climate policies. He emphasizes the need for collective action, calling on governments, businesses, and individuals to play their part in combating the climate crisis.

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Questions for further discussion and reflection
  1. How does the active opposition of the fossil fuel industry to climate legislation impact global efforts to address the climate crisis, and what strategies can be employed to counteract this influence?
  2. Considering the conflicts of interest within climate policy-making forums, what measures can be implemented to ensure more transparent and unbiased decision-making processes in environmental governance?
  3. Reflecting on the progress made globally in addressing climate change, as mentioned by Al Gore, what are the key factors driving this progress, and how can these be leveraged to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy sources and climate-resilient practices?
Closing prayer

Dear Lord,

As we grapple with the immense challenge of climate change, we seek Your guidance and wisdom. Help us to understand the urgency of the crisis we face and inspire us to take meaningful action. Give us the strength to overcome the opposition from those who prioritize profit over the health of our planet. Guide our leaders and policymakers to make decisions that protect Your creation and ensure a sustainable future. Grant us the courage to advocate for change and the resilience to continue our efforts in the face of adversity. May our actions reflect our stewardship of the Earth and our responsibility to future generations.


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01 January 2024

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