Actions Speak Louder Than Words

There is a vehement passion in man
That propels him to search for God.
In these days,
This drive, as it appears,
Is inarticulate,
And dimly realised.

Men are afraid of admitting it,
Still more are they suspicious
Of those who would ram it down their throats.

Yet this inspiration
For all its being staunchly disavowed,
Is strong and real.
Only the gentle witness
Of another’s life
Will force men to throw away
The defences he has built up
Against God.

More deeds and fewer words,
Pope Paul said.

Marists put it this way:
The only way we can bring people to Christ
Is to bring into our lives
The spirit of Mary at the centre of the early Church.

Actions speak louder than words.
This is as true
When we are trying to bring people home to God
As it is at any other time.

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19 April 2021

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