Holy Name of Mary 2021 Invitation

Dear Marists,

Will you help us celebrate the Feast of the “Holy Name of Mary” through an online Zoom prayer?

We would like to invite you to join us together with Marist Laity Australia on Saturday September 11 at 7 pm (EAST Eastern Australian Time) to celebrate in person. We will pray, sing, reflect and discuss together. This online zoom forum enables us to enter conversation and dialogue with each other. To listen to the word of God, not just within ourselves but other Marists from across the world.

Will you join us?

Please register here ( www.tinyurl.com/holy-name-of-mary-2021) to receive the Zoom link for this celebration online.

We encourage you to celebrate the Holy Name of Mary with your family and community members around a meal and prayer. Please pass this invitation along to others.

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Happy Feast Day!

May Mary guide you and inspire you to be her hands, heart, and feet.

Marist Laity Australia

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11 September 2021

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Please join us for our Online Zoom Marist Prayer for the Holy Name of Mary

Please pass this invitation along to others.

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