- God of the road less travelled

God of the road less travelled.
Since I have been born,
I have been learning to drive.
Although at times with difficulty
and winding roads.
Build discipline as my engine,
Teach delay of gratification
as my break,
and make love with sacrifice,
as my fuel.
My car windscreen has
at times become dirty
which has clouded my vision.
Dispel in me my doubts and fears
to face the mountains, valleys
and undiscovered roads.
Don’t let fearful emotions
and negative talk take over.
May I stop along the road,
to reflect and ponder
about this journey.

Enable me to check my blind spots
and be willing to turn my head.
Send people as guideposts to challenge me
how to grow.
May I unravel the map of my life,
and negotiate it’s
twists and turns.
Motivate me
to face my difficulties head on.
With flexibility and balance
and with a shared responsibility.
God of the road less travelled.
I trust in you,
for I am not alone.

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13 January 2022

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