Fratelli Tutti

   - What Catechists, Catechetical Leaders, and Other Ministry Leaders Should Know

The purpose and goal of Fratelli Tutti paragraph 8 Pope Francis says it is his desire by acknowledging the dignity of each human person we can contribute to the rebirth of a universal aspiration to fraternity. The title of the document is inspired by a quote from Saint Francis of Assisi. A love that transcends the barriers of geography and distance and declares blessed all that love their brother as much as he his far away from him as much as he is with him. Issues of fraternal friendship have always been a concern of Pope Francis. In this encyclical Pope Francis brings together these ideas for reflection. This is open to all people. An invitation to all people to dialogue. Not just for Catholics and the Catholic church but all people.

The document is organised into 8 chapters
  • Contemporary challenges and obstacles to fraternity and social friendship
  • Biblical foundations of fraternal love
  • A vision for a more open world that promotes the common good
  • Reflections on migration and international relations
  • The failure of political systems to promote the common good, and proposed solutions
  • Reflection on forgiveness and reconciliation
  • Discussion of the role of religion in promoting fraternity

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30 October 2022

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