Spiritual Exercises 5

   - A Woman Clothed like the sun

Script by Marist Father Edwin Keel sm

Our text is from the Book of Revelations. This is a book of visions, dreams and nightmares! In our text we hear of a woman who gives birth to a son 'destined to shepherd the nations'. The child and woman are attacked, but God saves them both.

Ask God for the grace to feel more deeply his great love for you.

The sign in the heavens: a woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet a crown of twelve stars, giving birth to a son who will shepherd all the nations.

Speak to Mary about your struggles and your fears. Be open and frank. Allow her to comfort, strengthen and encourage you with her strong faith and gentle manner.

Record your reflections and anything you have learned or felt, in your journal. Write at least 1 page.

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09 February 2023

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