Turkey Syria Earthquake

As many thousands of people were killed. There are many thousands exposed in sleeping outside in freezing conditions. The Turkey and Syrian governments are asking the International Community to respond by sending support and aid. Please watch these videos to make people aware of what is going on. Please give to the many organisations such as Caritas and UNHCR who have people on the ground helping these people.

Nine - TODAY
Host fights tears reporting on Turkey-Syria earthquake rescues

Collapsing buildings, aftershocks and rescue efforts: Earthquake kills thousands in Turkey and Syria

Rescuers Miraculously Pull Out Survivors Over 24 Hours After Massive Earthquake In Turkey And Syria

Caritas Internationalis Helping Victims of Earthquakes in Turkey & Syria | EWTN News In Depth

Turkey Syria earthquake: death toll rising as ‘window of rescue’ closing

Syria earthquake: Rebel leader calls for urgent international help

Why is earthquake aid to Syria so slow?

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11 February 2023

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