- Bushfire Koala

By Elisha Y

In my creative advocacy project, my main goal was to spread more awareness about the issue of the ‘Environmental Crisis.’ I wanted to highlight the irreversible impacts made on fauna and flora, reflecting on a specific disaster that happened last year in Australia with the extreme bushfires. The motive of this drawing is to question the audience- “is it too late?” and make them realise we need to make a difference in our world before matters get worse. My advocacy was run by using a social media platform called Instagram. I put up a story which is something that pops up for 24 hours for people to view and I was able to get a bit over 400 people to view it on my account which is a lot. I think it was successful as it reached a lot of people which means hundreds of people have seen my artwork and I was able to reach my goal of spreading awareness on the issues of environmental crisis. On top of that, I also showed my artwork to my family members to inform them of the current issues we are facing and spread more awareness on this topic. As a result, I got some good feedback regarding how they thought the drawing was an effective idea to express my topic and how they felt like it captured the main idea I wanted to get across.

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11 November 2021

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Elisha Y

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Reflect on Elisha's artwork.

How does this inspire you to care more for the environment? Especially animals and plants who suffer greatly...

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