Book - The Path Made Clear

There is no greater gift than to honour your calling. This is why you were born. It is how you become most truly alive.

The simple act of asking “what is my purpose on the Internet?” has the power to have over one billion responses. That is a staggering commentary on the way who they are? And, how much they long for an existence that matters.

On the surface, typing those four little words “What is my purpose”. And pressing “Enter”. May seem trivial, but it is a profound reflection of an intimate prayer. Rising from the deepest part of the heart. It is asking to be acknowledged. It is a sign that the journey in life to a purpose with meaning and character is ready to begin.

Here is the great news. Beyond the labyrinth of digital links. There is really just one being who holds who holds the keys to unlock the answers to all that you were meant to become. That miraculous soul has being speaking your entire life. Of course I am talking about…you.

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29 May 2021

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