Tool - A Spiritual Conversation

God is working in each person. The Spirit of God is present. Even if I disagree in that person, I need to be open to what they are saying. What is the Trinity trying to say? How can I catch on to what the Trinity is saying?

Each one of us is a god. A little letter for god.

This is an active listening. I can listen actively. Yes. I can learn from this person. The spirit of God is speaking to that person.

Intentional speaking. What is the spirit saying to me? Closing a school.

Not just being bored at mass. God is active. God is involved in the world. We want to discuss some controversial issue. I need to listen to that. I listen to myself. I need to share my feelings. I am becoming a contemplative in action.

What the issue under discussion? We listen. We talk. But before, we take action. We pray. What is God saying to me? When someone comes who has not done the prayer you kind of know it. Prayer is the first step.

Then the group meeting. The group members is about 6. When the group is too big, we switch off.

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07 June 2021

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Fr. John Dardis, S.J.

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Try this process with your prayer group, family, relationship or community.

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