Wonder is a powerful film about a 10 year old boy (Augie Pullman) who is born with a significant facial disfigurement. The film journeys with Augie’s transition between being home schooled and returning to regular day school. Wonder deals with several major issues such as bullying, poor self-esteem, peer pressure and family break down. Through these difficulties Augie is able to discover the goodness of who he is through the relationships and friendships that form around him.

Wonder provides much insight into Formation and Moral Development for both children and teenagers. It allows people to reflect on their own life’s journey.

This film can be either watched together in your family or in the classroom.

Discuss some of these questions
  1. About bulling - How does Julian Judge Auggie? How does Auggie respond resiliently?
  2. About emotional intelligence - At dinner - why does Auggie respond with the word “Good” and not share his true feelings? Why does Auggie cry in his room?
  3. About body image/beauty - Do we all have marks on our face? Are we ugly? Explain.
  4. About moral development - Why is meeting kids harder than meeting adults?
Spend the time with Wonder with others. You will not regret this.

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17 December 2020

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Here are 3 individual worksheets for some in depth analysis. Why not do this in your family or class.

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