Marist Millennium Pledge

We often get lost in the mundane process of life. Getting caught up in the busyness of life. The pressures that work places on us to perform more and more or the demands of family commitment can at times stifle our spirit. At these moments, we may lose a sense of meaning in our life. We can allow the culture for success or the culture of entertainment to dictate our direction. This often means that life is very shallow as we chase one great idea and move to the next. We may not get a chance to stop and enter deeply into the spiritual life.

Mary’s Yes
As a Marist, we try follow and model Mary in our own life. The “Yes” is not just the “yes” to the invitation which we may have somewhere along the journey of life. The “yes” can appear in many different forms. Following Mary is an ongoing process of discernment and discovery, of entering into the deeper reality of Mary’s spirit alive in us.

Millennium Pledge
The “Marist Millennium Pledge” is a Formation tool which can use to help structure our discernment and way of living as Marists. Across a total of 12 months a person is invited to discern about ten things where God is calling them to follow Mary and Jesus. These commitments will take time to emerge. Over several months, through our own prayer life and our encounters with spiritual friends or Marists these pledges will begin to appear. There is no need to rush this process.

These commitments will allow us to move deeper into the reality of following Mary’s way to Jesus. They may be different or similar to other Marists. This is ok as they mark different moments along the road of faith. However, like a tuning fork that resonates at a certain pitch, a second tuning fork, when brought closer, will begin to sing like the first fork. Thus, our lives resonate with the pitch of what it means to be Marist. The commitments we make bring us closer to the life of Mary living in us as she follows Jesus.

How will the Millennium Pledge begin? Through prayer. Pray this prayer with your family or community present with you each week. You may want to ring a tuning fork or bell before you pray this prayer to remind you that your life resonates in the way of Mary.

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20 November 2021

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You are invited to take part in the Marist Millennium Pledge over the next 12 months.

Download the attached PDF.

Print in Colour and place it in a prominent place in your home, workplace or community.

During the year, have a conversation with your priest, spiritual friend or other Marist about what you have been committed to. It is hoped by the end of the year, around Christmas time you would have found these ten pledges and be committed to living them each day.

Ask the priest, spiritual friend or other Marist to walk with you.

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