Can prayer be a satisfying experience?

Can prayer be a satisfying experience?

God has reached out to us in the person of Jesus Christ.

Have you had the experience – our hearts burning within us?

Saint Paul’s words “Abba Father”. We can pray with simplicity.

Jesus shared all things with us. Jesus says to us “When you pray say, our Father”.

But prayer is not an easy thing. People feel frustrated by prayer.

In our world at large we see many problems. The world is filled with many material pursuit. Many people want to get in touch with what is spiritual. Like meditation. Meditation has much in common with Christian prayer. Meditation finds a still point. At this point we find ourselves. Christians but do not look for a still point in ourselves, but find Jesus at the centre.

There are many difficulties when people pray. Like when the children have gone to school or like just before we arrive at work. We try and find a point to pray. On the first day, we can pray easily. On the second day, we repeat the first day. The third day our abilities to pray tapers off. On the fourth day we find it very hard. We feel alone.

When we pray, we think “Asking God for things seems a bit childish” or we get distracted. We could be thinking about the washing or ironing.

But these difficulties can help us to have a more satisfying prayer life.

Praying should be difficult. Because we are talking with God.

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23 December 2020

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