Spirituality Exercise 1

   - Cana

The scene is a wedding feast (which, in those days, lasted sevendays!) in a small country village, undoubtedly involving all thepeople of the village as well as many guests.

This incident occurs at the beginning of the public ministry of Jesus, before the beginning of the Church. Nevertheless, it tells us something about Mary's presence in the Church, and about the effect her presence has. As she will be present at the birth of the Church (at Calvary and at Pentecost) Mary is present here at the 'birth' of Jesus’ mission as Messiah.

Ask God for the grace to feel more deeply his great love for you.

Reflect on:
Mary feels deep concern for the couple because the wine has run out, and the joy of the feast and of their life together - just beginning - is threatened. She speaks toJesus.

Record your reflections and anything you have learned or felt,in your journal. Write at least 1 page.

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25 January 2023

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