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The Superiority of Paper as a Learning Medium - A Review of Research Andrew Dumas
05 July 2024
In the digital age, the debate between the efficacy of traditional paper and electronic screens as learning mediums has garnered significant attention. Numerous studies have examined various dimensions of this issue, consistently demonstrating that paper often provides a superior medium for learning compared to digital screens like computers or iPads. This essay explores the existing research that highlights the advantages of paper over electronic media in educational contexts.
TED - 6 secrets to learning - faster - backed by neuroscience TED - Lila Landowski
20 February 2024
The TED Talk delves into the neuroscience of learning, highlighting six critical elements for enhancing the learning process: attention, alertness, sleep, repetition, breaks, and mistakes. The speaker begins by explaining neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to form new neural connections in response to learning. This foundational concept underscores the importance of repeated practice and exposure to strengthen these connections.
Blog - The Adventure of Returning to School Marist Laity Australia
30 January 2024
Embracing the return to school after holidays can be challenging, but it's an opportunity for growth and learning. Life isn't meant to be a permanent vacation; it's about facing and overcoming challenges. Just as eaglets learn to fly when nudged from the nest, we learn and develop by tackling difficult tasks and adapting to change. School may bring unfamiliar situations, but staying flexible and proactive, asking for help, and preparing ahead can help you navigate these with confidence. Remember, support is available, and planning for challenges makes them more manageable. Good luck, and may this school year be a successful journey of learning and growth.
The One Thing All Great Teachers Do - Nick Fuhrman Nick Fuhrman
28 January 2024
Nick Fuhrman's TED Talk 'The One Thing All Great Teachers Do' emphasizes the transformative impact of passionate teaching, exemplified by his childhood role model, Ranger Bill. Fuhrman highlights the importance of embracing mistakes as learning opportunities, recognizing individual student differences, and providing meaningful feedback. He advocates for an engaging, interactive teaching style that goes beyond just presenting information, using methods like animal interactions to enhance learning. Fuhrman's approach underlines the significance of teachers as mentors and role models, capable of instilling confidence and inspiring long-term growth in students.
Building Executive Function - Skills in Kids - With Dr. Peg Dawson Dr. Peg Dawson
05 November 2023
Dr. Dawson emphasizes looking at both strengths and weaknesses when assessing executive skills. Celebrating strengths can empower children to tackle challenges, such as a child with dyslexia harnessing goal-directed persistence to overcome reading difficulties.
Studies of Religion - Saint Francis of Assisi Marist Laity Australia
04 November 2023
In the HSC Studies of Religion Syllabus, each Depth Study students are required to choose a person or school of thought. In Christianity, we have chosen 'Saint Francis of Assisi'. Saint Francis is an excellent person to do as he speaks volumes for us in our world today. Saint Francis shows us how to care for creation, how to care for the poor, how to make peace where there is hatred. People like Pope Francis are inpsired by the example of Saint Francis.
Social Justice Belongs In Our Schools Sydney Chaffee
11 December 2022
For National Teacher of the Year Sydney Chaffee, teaching is a political act. She has been traveling the country urging all teachers to make social justice a central part of their mission. Talking to students about justice can't be a niche for certain kinds of teachers or certain schools. When students understand inequity and have the tools to work towards a more just world, they see why their education truly matters....
Leadership through Invictus Clint Eastwood
12 November 2021
What does it mean to lead? Invictus models an approach to leadership which is relational, but uses injustice as a vehicle to lead.
WALL-E movie and our fragile environment Pixar
23 September 2021
What happens if we destroy our environment to the point where we can no long live on Earth? This movie is a great film which explores what each person needs to do to care for each other and to care for our environment. How hard will you work to make a difference four our fragile world?
Home Schooling - Stage 1 - adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions Andrew Dumas
28 July 2021
With lockdown it is hard to teach our children at home. Do you have child in year 1 or year 2? Here are some resources for learning about sentence adjectives, conjunctions, and tense – past, present and future. Feel free to use them.

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