The Life We Choose

Here's the premise:
We are all, right now, living the life we choose.

This choice, of course, is not a single,
monumental choice. No one decides, for example,
''I'm going marry a dreadful person
And will live together in a loveless marriage, staying
together only for the kids;
who I don’t much like, either.'

No. The choices I'm talking about
here are made daily, hourly, moment by moment.
Do we try something new, or stick to
the tried-and-true?
Do we take risk,
or eat what's already on our dish?
Do we ponder a thrilling adventure, or
contemplate what's on TV?
Do we walk over· and meet that interesting stranger,
or do we play it safe?
Do we indulge our heart, or cater to our fear?

The bottom-line question:
Do we pursue what we want,
Or do we what’s comfortable?

For the most, most people most
often choose comfort -
the familiar, the time-honoured
the well-worn but well-known.
After a lifetime of choosing between comfort and risk,
we are left with
the life we currently have.
And it was all of our own choosing.

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17 January 2021

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