Prayer - Teach us to Fly

Dear Lord,

As the rain falls,
through the difficulties of our lives.
May we look towards you
As our inspiration and friend God.
Like a bird nestling under our verandas,
seeking protection
May we too seek God.

As the platypus
Builds its nest
On wet creek beds
May we nestle up to you God
In warm fuzzy spaces.
Care for us God,
as you would care for your own children.

But when time comes
For us to fly out of the nest,
As baby birds.
Push us out God
With your encouraging mothers’ beak.
But watch over us as we fall to the ground.

Teach us to fly Lord.
Fly beyond the horizons
Of our own doubt, fears and troubles.

Be for us today our comforter,
But also, be for us today, our greatest challenger.

God our mother and father.
Be with us.

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21 March 2021

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Marist Laity Australia

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