Creation Hymn by Matt Boswell

Creator God, who carved the canyons
with a painless breath
Who sends the rains on unmanned fields
and tucks the sun to rest
The dawn is clothed with brilliance and
adorned in full array
Reflections of the Fatherʼs love
put wildly on display

O Sovereign one who fashioned oceans
deep by whisper strong
Who rends the waters from the land
and lends the depths her song
The fullness of the sky and sea
in reverence do they stand
To testify the sovereignty
and goodness of Your hand

Halleluiah All creation sings
Holy, Holy Glory to the King

Eternal King, who shows no turning
faithful through all change
Unbroken praise and righteousness
adorn Your matchless name
The frailty of created things
sustained by Christ alone
Sufficient is Your providence
Immortal is Your throne

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16 October 2022

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Matt Boswell

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