Tony Abbott says the Voice reinforces the separatism

In this interview, former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott discusses his opposition to the proposed Indigenous Voice and constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians. Abbott argues that the Voice, as currently conceived, would entrench race-based separatism and undermine the unity of the country. He expresses concerns about the power and influence the Voice would have, suggesting that it could become a de facto veto over government decisions. Abbott emphasizes his belief in equal treatment for all Australians and questions the need for a separate Indigenous body.

Abbott's position is challenged by the interviewer, who raises issues of historical injustices and ongoing inequalities faced by Indigenous Australians. The interviewer highlights the support for the Voice among many Indigenous people and questions Abbott's dismissal of activism as a means of achieving social justice. The discussion delves into the potential impact of the Voice and the consequences of a 'No' vote on Indigenous Australians.

Abbott maintains his opposition to the Voice and argues for an alternative approach to Indigenous recognition through amending the preamble of the Constitution. He addresses criticism of a campaign advertisement featuring a controversial image, distancing himself from it while noting that it was published by a newspaper. Abbott concludes by expressing his willingness to continue supporting Indigenous recognition regardless of the referendum outcome, acknowledging that the debate carries deep emotional significance for many people.

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10 July 2023

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