Beyond Words

   - Seeking Action

   - in the Synodal Pathways

This Synod Symposium discusses the concerns and issues related to the synodal process from various perspectives. The speakers highlight experiences of laypeople in the church, pointing out discrepancies and disappointments in how the synodal process has been managed. There's a particular focus on the lack of real listening and the perceived manipulation of the laity, as well as a failure to adopt co-responsibility in church governance.

The synod was criticized for being a result of an assembly of bishops rather than a more inclusive synod. It's noted that the process lacked authority to mandate changes and that many felt the process was cynically validating the bishop's conservative conclusions. There's a concern about the church's ability to become more safe, just, and inclusive as a result of the synodal process.

The speakers call for genuine transformation in church practices, including a reevaluation of roles within the church and recognition of the need for more inclusive and decentralized decision-making. They discuss the global nature of the church, the decline in priesthood, the need for greater acknowledgment of lay ministries, and the importance of addressing issues such as the ordination of women and clericalism.

Overall, the symposium seems to advocate for a church that better reflects the diversity and needs of its global congregation, urging for concrete actions rather than mere discussions. It stresses the need for a church that is more aligned with the message of the Gospel and that truly listens and responds to the voices of its members.

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22 November 2023

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