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   - December 2022

Dear ALL,

As the Jesuit scholastic Brendan Busse reflects:

“The true beauty of this season lies in the way in which it sanctifies that which is most human in us: our desire to love and call ourselves beloved, the desire for the eternal to break into our mortal lives, for light to break into our darkness, for God’s loving presence to become a felt reality in our all too frail human condition.”

Welcome to the final MLA Newsletter for 2022. These words of Brendan Busse remind me that throughout this year with all the darkness of Covid illness, war, natural disaster and people’s personal tragedies, the opportunity for God to ‘break into our mortal lives” is ever present.

“Annunciation,” Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1898

The Annunciation so beautifully portrayed above by Tanner reflects this reality so powerfully. Mary said ‘Yes’ as the Eternal broke into her mortal life thereby changing the course of history.

As we enter this time of Advent and then Christmas, I’d invite you to join me, to take time to respond to, and experience God’s presence in our lives. To allow our hearts to be filled with gratitude for all we have received this year, and for the opportunity we have had to share with others.

I have been extremely grateful for the past 12 years leading Marist Laity Australia with Andrew Dumas. I now step back from my position as MLA Coordinator and invite Cathy Larkin and Andrew to continue the wonderful work of this committed group. It has been a blessed opportunity not only to work with our MLA companions within Australia, but to also meet and enjoy rich discussions with Marists across many countries of the world. The gatherings both locally and internationally have been energising and inspirational in nature, and have fed my spirit, deepened myMarist connections and reminded me that Mary’s Spirit is relevant to our world today.

Living our lives in a simple untethered way, being authentic, flexible, compassionate,and inclusive, to respond to life’s situations with a heart full of gratitude and love, is always relevant, timely and powerful.

Thank you to ALL that have so generously contributed to the Australian Marist Laity over these past years. You have made that experience a reality for me. I know I leave the leadership of MLA in very capable and well committed hands. As the Christmas Season unfolds may gratitude cultivate within our hearts a desire for love that brings reconciliation, peace, and joy for all who co-exist upon this precious gift we call Home – our planet!

Please click on and read our December 2022 edition of the Marist Laity Australia Newsletter.

We look forward to connecting again in 2023. Merry Christmas!

Yours in the love and peace of Christ this Christmas.

Margaret Woods
MLA Coordinator

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04 December 2022

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