Servant leadership

   - how to lead with the heart

What does it mean to be a leader that leads from the heart? Many years ago I started a new role in a new company. One of my first assignments was to lead an investigation for a transformational program that had gone extremely badly. The client was very upset with how the company was performing. In most cases we had lost trust with the client.

When I met with the team leading the program, I noticed they had a fear of speaking up and about talking about many of their mistakes. They spent most of their time blaming each other. When I talked to the boss he said 'I did not understand what was going on. The team were not sharing with me what was happening'. I was very surprised with his reaction. When I met with the client he said 'I do not want to meet with him any more. '

When the team continued to speak with me, I noticed they had a fear of failure and speaking up. I also noticed that the boss was not present. Did not attend steering meetings. And more importantly did not care what was going on.

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26 November 2022

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