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Poem - Sands of Illusion Marist Laity Australia
29 December 2023
'Sands of Illusion' is a reflective narrative that charts the journey of life from the innocence of birth to the wisdom at life’s end. The poem captures the various stages of growth, portraying the loss of childhood naivety at a beachside setting where lessons are learned through play and interaction with family. It navigates through adolescence, marked by self-consciousness and the struggle for identity, then into adulthood, where illusions of control and expectations are confronted and redefined. The speaker's life story unfolds amidst personal relationships, parenthood, and the unforeseen challenges of health during a pandemic, leading to a profound understanding of life's transient nature. Finally, it culminates in a peaceful acceptance of death, recognizing a life lived fully and richly, well beyond the constraints of early illusions.
Poem - The Hidden Symphony Andrew Dumas
27 December 2023
The poem is an allegory of life's journey, with the drawn curtain symbolizing the divine mystery, the veiling of God's full revelation to humanity. It captures the essence of human experience, beginning with the innocence of birth, as represented by the anticipation of an orchestral performance. As the narrative unfolds, the unraised curtain reflects the unseen aspects of life's path and the faith required to navigate it. The unrest among the audience mirrors the disillusionment some face when expectations of clarity and revelation are not met, akin to those who depart from the church when confronted with spiritual obscurity. Despite the challenges and changes in the melody of life, marked by the conductor's fall and the subsequent shift in music, the speaker stays in the opera house—just as some steadfastly remain in their faith. The poem concludes with a note of gratitude, acknowledging the value of participating in life's great, albeit often unseen, performance. This layered narrative invites reflection on the complexities of faith, the search for divine understanding, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of life's unresolved mysteries.
The Inner Landscape of Beauty - John ODonohue John ODonohue
21 July 2023
In this captivating interview, Irish poet and philosopher John O'Donoghue emphasizes the human calling to embrace beauty. With a deep fascination for the inner human landscape and the interconnectedness of the visible and invisible worlds, O'Donoghue's words continue to resonate even after his untimely passing in 2008. His works, such as 'Anam Cara' and 'Bless the Space Between Us,' have touched hearts worldwide, bringing ancient mystical wisdom to contemporary longings and uncertainties. Growing up in the limestone landscape of County Clare, Western Ireland, O'Donoghue found himself immersed in a world where the divine manifested everywhere and in everything.
A time of darkness Caryll Houselander.
03 March 2021
By Caryll Houselander. It is a time of darkness, of faith. We shall not see Christ's radiance.in our lives yet, it is still hidden in our darkness; nevertheless, we must believe that God is growing in our lives;
Prayer - God of yesterday, today and tomorrow Unknown
02 March 2021
Open our ears that we might hear your Word.Open our hearts that we might understand your Word.Open our mouths that we might speak your Word.

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