December Prayer Intention

Dear Marists,

Could you please share a “December Prayer Intention” for Marists and other Christians can pray for?

Prayer is a powerful means of connection. It enable families and communities to join together with God.

Can you please clearly name your prayer intention and explain why this is important?

Some examples of prayer intention:
  • Dear God, We pray for the leaders gathering in Egypt and in Asia. We pray that they will make difficult decisions which care for our environment.
  • Dear God, We pray for families and communities affected by the floods in New South Wales. We pray for organisations like St Vincent De Paul receive extra resources to help them. Open our hearts to help them.
  • Dear God, We pray for our family members and loved one’s who have gone before us. Especially Gordon, Molly, Anne, John, and Peter. Call them to you own Lord. May they know the love of God.
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Thank you

Marist Laity Australia

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Dear God, I want to thank you for all blessings that I ‘received.
Let us pray for all who suffer illness, the solitude, unemployment, despair.
Let us pray for our Marist Fathers and Marist Sisters, for the religious and laity vocations.
Let us pray for the 60th anniversary of CPP and 30th anniversary of CPU, Marists communities in México.
From :
    Jorge (Marist Laity)
Toluca, México
Dear God, We pray for Bo who currently has covid. We pray for Jesus healing presence. Please heal her.
From :
    Andrew (Marist Laity)

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02 December 2022

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Please include these this week in your families and communities prayer.

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