Tim Keller and Kathy Keller

   - on The Christian Marriage

Tim and Kathy Keller discuss the distorted and unreal relationship our culture has with marriage. They break down their talk into three parts. Firstly, they present statistics that reveal the changing landscape of marriage, such as the rising divorce rate and the decrease in the percentage of married adults. They also highlight the increasing prevalence of cohabitation. These statistics reflect underlying assumptions, such as the belief that most marriages are unhappy and the importance of finding a perfectly compatible soul mate.

The Kellers discuss the underlying attitudes that contribute to this distorted view of marriage. They explain that the purpose of marriage has shifted from a lifelong commitment based on mutual love, procreation, and protection to a focus on individual gratification and self-fulfillment. The culture's emphasis on finding a partner who affirms and accepts one's current self, without the need for personal change or sacrifice, places significant pressure on marriages.

The Kellers explore how the Bible and the gospel can help address the challenges our culture faces in its understanding of marriage. They argue that marriage is designed to foster selflessness, bridge the differences between men and women, and provide a stable environment for raising children. They challenge the culture's view of marriage as primarily self-centered and offer the biblical concept of covenantal love as a transformative alternative. They emphasize that marriage requires commitment, sacrifice, and a willingness to grow and change together.

Tim and Kathy Keller highlight the distorted and negative view our culture has of marriage. They present statistics and assumptions that illustrate this shift and explore the underlying attitudes that contribute to it. They propose the biblical concept of covenantal love as a solution and highlight the importance of commitment, selflessness, and growth in a successful marriage.

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04 June 2023

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