Retreat in your life for Couples

Take the time together you deserve it.

Often couples do not set aside time for their own formation. Formation as a couple is important. Both spiritually and other areas of life such as sport and socially. Often work and the pressures of family take precedence and couples loose vital formation with each other. Here is a 7-day formation program for couples entitled “Retreat in your life for couples”.

Couples can undertake this either in their own home or at a convenient space. Couples may want to find a space which they enjoy. Like a park, at the beach, or at a place with a beautiful view. But find a space where they can be fully present each day to each other. Not distracted. Set aside the same place and time. Maybe after or before work. After the kids have gone to bed. Before you turn the television on. Set aside 30 minutes each day.

Print TWO copies for each day.

Set the space up. Maybe with a cloth, candle and important symbols such as a photo and cross.

Do not rush this process but take your time.

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12 January 2021

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Undertake this 7-day course with your partner or significant friend.

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