Rewiring Negative Self Talk

The presentation starts by illustrating how the mind is a natural storyteller, making connections and creating narratives to understand the world. This is demonstrated through a quirky exercise where the audience is asked to consider how a desk could be the mother of a chair, highlighting the mind's tendency to form stories even in the absence of logical connections.

The presenter shares a case study of a client in her late 30s struggling with depression and feelings of inadequacy due to her unmarried status. This leads to the introduction of the concept of 'reframing' – challenging and changing the narratives we tell ourselves. The therapist helps the client see alternative perspectives to her situation, moving her away from self-deprecating thoughts to more constructive ones.

The core message is that the way we interpret challenges shapes our reality. To facilitate a change in perspective, the presenter introduces the 'six-pack exercise', which involves creating six different interpretations of a situation. This exercise helps to break rigid thinking patterns and opens up new ways of viewing problems.

The presentation emphasizes the importance of choosing narratives that align with one's values and give the power to act. Three guiding questions are proposed for evaluating narratives: Is my story truthful? Is it kind? Does it give me the power to act?

The presenter advises on strategies for when one feels stuck in a particular narrative, such as taking a break, engaging in calming activities, writing about the problem, or seeking others' perspectives. The growth mindset is promoted as a powerful approach, encouraging individuals to see challenges as opportunities for learning and improvement.

In conclusion, the skill of reframing is presented as essential for mental health and happiness. It's part of a broader course aimed at teaching essential skills for processing emotions and improving mental health. The presentation concludes by inviting the audience to access the full course for more in-depth learning.

Questions for further reflection and discussion
  1. Exploring Personal Narratives: Reflect on a recent situation where you experienced negative thoughts. Using the 'six-pack exercise' from the presentation, can you create six different interpretations of that situation? How do these varied perspectives influence your feelings and reactions towards the event?
  2. Impact of Reframing on Relationships: How do you think the practice of reframing thoughts could affect your relationships with others? Discuss a scenario where changing your internal narrative might have led to a different outcome in an interaction or relationship.
  3. Challenges in Reframing: What are some of the biggest challenges you face when trying to reframe negative thoughts into more positive or neutral ones? How do you plan to overcome these challenges, and what strategies from the presentation do you find most helpful in this process?
Listen to these songs while reflecting on these questions.

Song - OneRepublic - Good Life

Song - American Authors - Best Day Of My Life


Closing Prayer

Heavenly Father, Giver of Light and Wisdom,

As we conclude our gathering, we pause to offer our heartfelt gratitude. We thank You for the insights and lessons shared today, for the opportunity to learn and grow, and for the gift of perspective that enables us to see our world in different lights.

Lord, we ask for Your guidance as we strive to reframe our thoughts, to transform the narratives that weigh heavily on our hearts. Help us to recognize the power of our own minds, to see the seeds of positivity even in the midst of challenges. Teach us to embrace each thought, not with judgment, but with the understanding and compassion that You show us every day.

Grant us the courage, O God, to question the stories we tell ourselves, to seek truth, kindness, and empowerment in our narratives. May we remember that in changing our thoughts, we change our world, bringing it closer to the vision of love, peace, and harmony You have for all creation.

As we move forward, may we carry with us the lessons of today, using them as tools to cultivate a mindset that not only uplifts our own spirits but also spreads light and joy to those around us. May our journey of emotional growth and mental reframing draw us ever closer to You, our source of eternal wisdom and love.

In Your holy name we pray,


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18 January 2024

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