Three Requirements of a Good Relationship

Many people after they have been in a couple for some time will privately admit that they are frustrated and disappointed with the person they have chosen to share their lives with. If pressed for details they will have no problem coming up with a list. Their partner they might complain is to loyal to their irritating family or does not share their views on the lay out of the living room. Or, never wants to go on camping holidays. Or, plays tennis every Wednesday evening no matter what. Or does not like Moroccan food. Or, does not share their enthusiasm for 19th century novels. Or, has a habit of adding the word “Actually” to ever second sentence when it's “actually” redundant.

As the list gets longer, they sigh. They still love their partner and they long to be happy together. It just that it seems impossibly complicated to make this relationship work. What is driving the frustration, sadly is that they have fallen for an idiot. The mate. Needlessly complicated ideas of what a relationship is supposed to be for. We are told that love is suppose to be a total merger of two lives. We expect that a loving couple will live in the same house. Eat the same meals together ever night. Share the same bed. Go to sleep together and get up at the same time.

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18 June 2022

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