- If the Fields are Parched

1. If the fields are parched
And the trees are felled
Will the rocks cry aloud on their own
If the birds are starved
And the beasts are killed
Will the bones in the dust lift a song

Have mercy, Lord
Have mercy, Lord
Forgive our broken ways
Have mercy, Lord
Have mercy, Lord
Renew the world you made

2. As the oceans rise
And the wells run dry
Do we care if disaster is near
If our children starve
Will they cry to God
Will they curse us for closing our ears

3. Still a day will come
When the Lord returns
And the earth will be perfect again
No more greed or war
No more tooth and claw
For the wolf and the lamb will be friends

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13 October 2022

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Social Justice

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Resound Worshop

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