- How to live the virtue of simplicity

Living the virtue of simplicity as a Christian in a complex and materialistic world can be challenging, but it is possible with conscious effort and a focus on your faith. Here are some suggestions for embracing simplicity in various aspects of life:
    First, Prioritize Values: Begin by reflecting on your core Christian values and aligning your life choices with them. Consider what truly matters to you and focus on nurturing your relationship with God, fostering meaningful connections with others, and pursuing spiritual growth. Let these values guide your decisions and actions.

    Second, Contentment and Gratitude: Cultivate a spirit of contentment and gratitude, appreciating the blessings you already have instead of constantly chasing after more. Practice gratitude for the simple things in life and avoid comparing yourself to others. Recognize that true happiness does not come from material possessions or external achievements.

    Third, Minimalism: Embrace a minimalist lifestyle by decluttering your physical space and simplifying your possessions. Detach yourself from the idea that more stuff leads to happiness. Evaluate your belongings and let go of things that no longer serve a purpose or bring you joy. Focus on quality over quantity and avoid excessive consumption.

    Fourth, Time Management: Simplify your schedule and commitments. Learn to prioritize and say no to activities or obligations that do not align with your values or bring you closer to God. Create space for rest, reflection, and spiritual practices. Consider adopting a regular routine that includes prayer, meditation, or contemplation.

    Fifth, Intentional Choices: Make conscious decisions in line with simplicity. When it comes to work and career, evaluate whether climbing the corporate ladder is truly fulfilling or if there are alternative paths that align better with your values. Seek a balance between work and family life, ensuring that you prioritize your relationships and personal well-being over excessive work demands.

    Sixth, Mindful Consumption: Practice discernment when it comes to consumerism and material possessions. Before making purchases, consider the necessity and long-term value of the item. Avoid impulsive buying and reflect on the impact your choices have on the environment and other people. Support ethical and sustainable products and consider alternatives to excessive consumption.

    Seventh, Media and Entertainment: Be mindful of the information and entertainment you consume. Limit exposure to excessive media consumption, including social media, and create space for silence and solitude. Choose media that aligns with your values and promotes positive messages. Engage in activities that nourish your soul, such as reading, nature walks, or spending time with loved ones.

    Eighth, Community and Support: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share your desire for simplicity and can provide support and encouragement. Engage in a faith community that values simplicity and emphasizes spiritual growth. Seek accountability and mentorship from others who have embraced simplicity in their lives.
Remember that living a life of simplicity is a journey and may require ongoing adjustments and self-reflection. It is a counter-cultural choice, but by aligning your actions with your Christian values, you can find a deeper sense of fulfillment, peace, and joy in living a simpler, more intentional life.

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Beatitude - How can the practice of simplicity and selfemptying, inspired by the first Beatitude, shape our priorities, choices, and actions in response to the contents discussion on consumerism and materialism?
(By A. D. - Marist Laity - from AUSTRALIA - 2023-7-10)

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02 June 2023

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