Brené Brown on braving the wilderness

Brené Brown reflects on their deep admiration for a person referred to as 'my Angela,' who has been their constant source of guidance and inspiration throughout their life. They express their love and appreciation for my Angela's work, except for one quote that has bothered them for decades. The quote suggests that freedom comes from belonging nowhere, which contradicts the Brené Brown's understanding of the importance of love and belonging in human suffering. However, upon further exploration, Brené Brown discovers a deeper meaning behind my Angela's words. True belonging, as my Angela explains in an interview, is a spiritual practice that involves finding sacredness in both being a part of something and having the courage to stand alone, even if it means disagreeing or having different opinions. Brené Brown concludes that belonging everywhere and nowhere is liberating.

Brené Brown's experience in leadership work, emphasizes the significance of personal values, namely faith, and courage. They talk about the authenticity they bring to their public speaking engagements, addressing topics that challenge the audience's preconceived notions and evoke discomfort. They express their unwillingness to compromise who they are and their refusal to betray themselves for the sake of fitting in. Brené Brown quotes a powerful passage from the book 'Braving the Wilderness,' highlighting the importance of not seeking evidence that one doesn't belong or that they are not enough. They assert that worth and belonging are intrinsic and should not be negotiated with others. Brené Brown further discusses the concept of trust, delving into the seven elements of trust outlined in the book: boundaries, reliability, accountability, the Vault (including confidentiality), integrity, non-judgment, and generosity. They emphasize the importance of braving the wilderness, standing alone, and navigating uncertainty while remaining true to oneself.

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14 June 2023

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