The Empty Water Jar

Jesus, I come into the warmth of your presence
knowing that you are
the very emptiness of God.
I come before you
holding the water jar of my life. Your eyes meet mine
and I know what I'd rather not know.

I came to be filled
but I am already full.
I am too full
This is my sickness
I am full of things
that crowd out
your healing presence.
A holy knowing steals inside my heart
and I see the painful truth.
I don't need more
I need less
I am too full.

I am full of things that block out
your golden grace.
I am smothered by gods of my own creation I am lost in the forest of my false self
I am full of my own opinions and narrow attiĀ­tudes
full of fear, resentments, control
full of self-pity, and arrogance.
Slowly this terrible truth
pierces my heart
I am so full there is no room for you.
Contemplatively, and with compassion
you ask me to reach into my water jar. One by one, Jesus, you enable me
to lift out the things
that are a hindrance to my wholeness. I take each one to my heart and
I hear you asking me,
'Why is this so important to you?'

Like the murmur of a gentle stream
I hear you calling,
Let go, let go, let go'
I pray with each obstacle
casting the bitterness and grief it has caused me.

Finally ...
I sit with my empty water jar
I hear you whisper,
You have become a space for God
Now there is hope
Now you are ready to be a channel of life.
You have given up your own agenda
There is nothing left but God.

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17 February 2021

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(Prayer inspired by John 4:28)

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