It’s a Wild Spirit

   - the Spirit of Mary

Whatever happened to wild Mary to that spirited village woman who brokethe chains and shattered the moulds that tried to tame and angel her?

Vibrant young woman, life taught her a thing or two. So much like hermother and grandmother. Strong breed! Always there when needed. Goodwith their hands and hearts, well-known at the markets and about town fortheir warmth, shrewd business sense and strong family ties.

She often laughed at the crazy things that happened about the house.Made time to pray in little moments of her full days. Talked long withJoseph about their ideas and work, their hopes and concerns for their sonand how he was growing up so fast.

Petrified she was of snakes and heights and got so angry when she sawjustice denied or her fellow folk put down as second rate. Hated olives,lamb's liver and being ripped off; loved char-grilled fish fresh from theSea of Galilee.

Jesus her son no doubt. That same wild streak ran through him. Liz's son was the same. Real passion for what they were about. All or nothing was their way. Nothing dilute in their veins. Too strong for the establishment of the day.

Yes, her spirit lives on among us for sure. Too at one with love and life to die; hurting with the hurting and in the middle of the afraid, by the cross of the being crucified and cradling those in pain, at the edge of all that’s strong loving; standing her ground amid the violence of sin's disarray; taking full on those who dare try to keep her in place; unflinching in her ;bold defiance of all that threatens' love's advance.

We need but call out confidently - Mary! Mary! For her spirit ever present to empower ours. ’

Oh yes it's a passionate spirit, this spirit of Mary that breaks the chains ,and shatters the moulds that try to stifle the full reality of her humanity! *

Noel Davis in “The Campfire of the Heart' p. 81 ;

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29 December 2022

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