Day 5 Jan 8 Marist Laity Philippines Meeting with Marist Laity Australia

8 January 2017

On Sunday January 8th the feast of the Epiphany Marist Laity Philippines came together for their monthly meeting. MLP is made up of the various Marist Lay groups including Marist Partners in Mission, Bridge, Marist Agdao Mothers. We shared a Kamayan dinner. kamayan dinner is a Filipino feast in which you eat unimaginable amounts of food off banana leaves at a communal table, without any utensils whatsoever. 

After the dinner, MLP presented an overview of their ministry with both strengths and weaknesses. Marist Laity Australia responded by sharing about the realities of being laity in Australia. We soon would discover that there are both similarities and differences between our countries. A comment was made that we complement each other. That some of the weaknesses one may have, the other may have that as a strength. We were both inspired and motivated by the gathering and knew that God and Mary's spirit was deeply present in our meeting. 

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