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Each week we produce a Mindful colouring resource focused on the weeks Gospel. We encourage you to pray as a family and community. Please join our email list and get regular updates...

Weekly Prayer session procedure:
  • Families/Communities partake in a structured prayer session each week, which includes:
  • Parents/Leaders print the prayer resource for each member of the family. See “mindful colouring” resources from Parents/Leaders and/or children/teenagers’ setup a prayer space using a colour cloth (red, blue, green etc) , candle, cross image and bell.
  • During the prayer, parents/Leaders invite the family members to come and participate at a convenient time. Possibly after dinner.
  • Begin the prayer with a breathing exercise. This helps centre each person before praying. Colouring a Gospel scene for the first 20 minutes while listening to contemporary Christian music relevant to the Gospel theme. Invite participants to begin colouring…. While colouring, take it in turns one at a time to share for 3,4, or 5 minutes….. “How are you? 'What has been happening in the last week?' …… Do not talk while others speak, but just listen…..”
  • Parents/Leaders invite different people to read different parts.
  • Gospel passage reading and reflection.
  • Discussion facilitated by parents/Leaders, with emphasis on engagement and affirmation.
  • Concluding with shared prayer intentions and a final prayer.

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30 April 2024

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