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The video titled 'BEAUTY of STILLNESS - Be QUIET - Be MINDFUL' features a reflective narration on the importance of solitude, meditation, and compassion. The speaker shares personal experiences of feeling more connected and real when alone or in quiet surroundings rather than in the company of others. He emphasizes the clarity and simplicity he finds in solitude, which helps him cope with the complexities of social interactions and personal anxieties.

The speaker also discusses the profound impact of allowing the suffering of the world to touch him, expressing deep emotions towards the injustices he observes. He advocates for not shutting oneself off from the world's pains but rather embracing them as part of a genuine human experience.

Throughout the video, he explores various meditation techniques and stresses the importance of discovering one's own truth, rather than relying solely on external teachings. Meditation is portrayed not just as a tool for personal stress reduction but as a means of connecting more deeply with the world and its inhabitants.

The narrative encourages living fully and sincerely, making every moment count, and expressing compassion in everyday interactions. The speaker underscores the significance of being present and genuine, allowing one's life to be a source of aid and inspiration to others.

Journal and reflection upon the following questions
  1. Personal Solitude: Reflect on your own experiences with solitude. How does being alone affect your feelings and thoughts compared to being in social situations?
  2. Impact of Silence: How does silence or stillness influence your mental and emotional state? Do you find clarity or anxiety in quiet moments?
  3. Engaging with Suffering: How do you react to the suffering and injustices you witness in the world? Do you feel it's important to let these realities affect you, and why?
  4. Role of Meditation: What role does or could meditation play in your life? Do you see it merely as a stress reduction technique, or could it serve a deeper purpose for you?
  5. Finding Your Truth: How do you go about discovering what is true and meaningful for you personally, outside of external authorities and teachings?
  6. Expression of Compassion: In what ways can you express compassion in your daily interactions? How might you deepen these expressions to impact others positively?
  7. Living Fully: Reflect on what it means to live fully and genuinely. Are there aspects of your life where you feel you're not living to your fullest potential? How can you address these areas?

Song - Alexi Murdoch - Breathe

Final Prayer

Dear Lord, grant us the grace to find serenity in stillness and the strength to face the silence within our souls. Help us to embrace solitude as a sacred space for reflection and personal growth. Teach us to hold the suffering of the world with a tender heart, using it to deepen our compassion and understanding. Guide us in our meditations, that we may discover our true path and connect genuinely with those around us. As we strive to live fully and mindfully, inspire us to act with kindness and love, so that our lives may reflect Your divine presence and peace. Amen.

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07 June 2024

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