Book - Our Lady of Holy Saturday

I am now going to enter this house where the mother of Jesus is spending her holy Saturday, and with John’s permission try and talk to her. The conversation is inspired first of all by contemplating the way in which Mary lived this dramatic moment.

I look at Mary: she remained in silence at the foot of the cross in the sorrow of her Son’s death; and while the body of the crucified One lay in the tomb, she remained in silence and waiting. During this moment of her life, she was caught between the thickest darkness (“darkness came over the whole land” Mark 15:33) and the dawn of Easter Sunday (“very early on the first day after the Sabbath, when the Sun had risen” Mark 16:2). Mary relived all important coordinates of her life, coordinates which had shone out since the Annunciation and had marked her pilgrimage of faith. This is the way in which she speakers to our hearts, to us, pilgrims journeying through the Holy Saturday of history.....

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18 April 2022

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Cardinal Martini

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